Sometime in mid-January of 2015, the world changed. On January 15, scientists at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge made a stunning announcement – they had discovered a woman who was all but immune to illness and disease and who healed even the most serious injuries at superhuman speed. Her name is Mirabelle A. Asher, and she was the first documented metahuman. Scientists speculate that sometime on or shortly before January 15, there was some sort of Metahuman Speciation Event, although there is still no agreement about what (or who) could have caused such a thing.

By February 1, there were over two dozen documented metahumans, with little overlap between the strange abilities that they manifested. The powers manifested in both sexes and with no respect for skin color or national borders. On February 4, 2015 a laid-off warehouse worker named Clayton John Asher discovered his ability to cause things to combust by looking at them. He returned to his former workplace, burned down the warehouse and killed 33 people before he was killed by a police sniper who was too far away to be seen.

Naturally, panic ensued.

Now it’s August of 2017, some 19 months later, and metahumans continue to emerge into a world that mostly hates and fears them. Many of them put their strange talents to use in government or private sector service.

You are members of a secret team that is charged with responding to metahuman threats on behalf of the Paragon Peripherals company, which you know to be a secret front company for the U.S. Government.

Paragons (DC Heroes)