These are some 3rd edition advantages that are available if you are interested.

Security Clearance [cost 15/20/25]

Most government agents (and some metahumans) will have a security clearance of a given level, allowing the character access to certain government and military installations.

A low level security clearance (15 points) grants access to “secret” areas and documents, and generally allows free entry and exit from any military compound, although certain areas will be off-limits. In game terms, a low clearance allows the bearer to pass through government security systems ranked at 12 APs or less.

A medium level security clearance (20 points) allows deeper access into government facilities and files, including those considered “top secret.” The bearer can pass through government security system ranked at 15 APs or less.

A high level security clearance (25 points) means that the character is among the top leaders of government, intelligence, or the military. Such clearance is not lightly granted, allowing access to almost all secure information and facilities ranked at 18 APs or less. You must explain in your background how your character got this advantage.


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